Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fool

Today I was confessing about my Istikharah with my ELDER sister. But I think I just picked the wrong terms, I could've been using term “ACCEPTING OR NOT” instead talking silly about marriage and its turned out to be “WHEN I'LL BE MARRY HIM”. Following my guts actually the best idea EVER because confessing with people are the MOST DIFFICULT TASK for me at least for now.

The 'terms mistake' just not ended there, right after that the LOOONG TALKS from that ELDER starting and I can’t just stop the car to take another vehicle If you don’t know, it will takes FOREVER to stop the talks by my ELDER sister. One second just like an hour. =.="

Now I’m not in mood to talk about marriage tingy until my mood back in shape. Lucky you man.

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