Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flashback Dok Ko Jin

I don't I'm sorry. there something wrong? Are you still asleep from sleeping?

The situation does seem a little like a dream.

That's right. It's something like a dream.
This is not somewhere everyone can come. Why did you come in? Why? Because I'm Dok Ko Jin. That amusement park. It's after- hours and do you know why it's not off? Because Korea's greatest actor says he has some business here. Korea's greatest amusement is still on, because they don't want it to be dark. They don't want it to be dark and wanted me to conduct business in a nicely lighted setting. But how dare you break this dream-like situation?

It's a dream, so I have to wake up.

(Dok Ko Jin dumbfounded dan speechless)

I don't want to be fluttery while dreaming, because I have to live boldly with both eyes open. So tell them to close this amusement park and tell them over there to turn off the lights. Let's just pretend that this dream never happen.

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